acm black satin
acm black satin

ACM Wallet Black Satin


ACM presents you the modern and fancy Wallet. The ACM wallets are designed to make sure they are easy to use and have a long-lasting effect. The super slim ACM Wallet can fit in comfortably into any pocket. Whether you want to carry your money, or just your cards – there is space for both! The clip on the back makes it easy for the users to carry a few business cards, receipts or any other important papers on their belt. The ACM Wallet is definitely an eye catching productthat stands out in the crowd because of it being manufacturedwith 70 different parts,including a strong poly-carbonated chassis!

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Convenience & Style
Speeds up transactions while offering elite organization of your cards. Have the right card at your fingertips.

Multifunctional PROCLIP
The pro clip allows the ACM to neatly carry money, a small stack of business cards, receipts and other paper items. There is a lip on the clip’s rear end which keeps stacked items from escaping.

Black is Back! 
Back better than ever by popular demand. Solid Black, coated in Rubberized Polymer that offers a ‘Grippy’, smooth surface

ACM Wallet Black Satin

No More Damaged Cards
There have always been problems associated with regular wallets; cards damaged before the expiration dates occur, waiting for the replacement when the card finally fails completely. The ACM completely cures this problem by never allowing cards to rub together, scratch or break due to the stress and bending in traditional wallets.

Holds & Ejects 6 standard cards
There are 6 buttons on the ACM’s wallet face which designate various types of cards the ACM might contain.

Light weight
Super Lightweight! 2.5 oz.

Smart pocket size
It designed to be super slim, and easily fit in any pocket.

New ProClip
It offers a large covered area and increased capacity with reinforced spring steel to provide flexibility and gripping power. The new design of the clip allows currency
to “tuck” under the clip body for added secure storage. The ProClip™ can be easily removed to make your ACM wallet even slimmer.

Interchangeable buttons
Comes with 18 interchangeable buttons which can be changed as per your needs

Technical Specifications


65 grams

Made from 70 parts, hand assembled with machine screws, contained in a strong poly-carbonate chassis, consisting of a Brushed Chrome Finish over a Copper Base Layer on the front & the back is coated in Rubberized Polymer that offers a ‘Grippy’, smooth surface.

Items Included
(1) Faux Pouch, (1) Removable Money Clip,
(1) Button Icon Pack, (1) Photo Card

ACM Wallet Black Satin specification

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