Customize Length

Wind up Powerline+ and bind it using the adjustable Velcro strap for easy transport and storage. It also allows convenient cable length adjustment to avoid trailing cables across the floor when charging.

Tangle Proof

The 3ft-anker-cable PowerLine+ cable is especially designed with double braided nylon to prevent knotting.

Kevlar Construction

A first for charging cables, the 3ft-anker-cable PowerLine+ is reinforced with bulletproof Kevlar fiber. .

Faster Charging
With wide-diameter wires and reduced cord resistance, PowerLine+ Lightning provides the fastest charge any USB charger is capable of.

Unrivaled Durability
PowerLine+ may be the last cable you’ll ever need. Proven to last at least 6 times as long as other cables, it boasts a bend tolerance 10 times higher. There’s simply no other cable with this level of durability.

End-to-End Strength
Exceptional tensile strength is provided by a kevlar fiber core, double nylon-braiding and precision laser welding. PowerLine+ is built to withstand any yanking, twisting, stretching, or dropping that it might possibly be subjected to.

Perfect Fit
To maximize case compatibility, we made Powerline’s Micro-USB connector as compact as possible, without compromising its durability.

Technical Specifications

28.5  grams

35.4 x 0.4 x 0.2 inches

3 ft / 1 m

Android / Micro-USB devices

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