anker powerline usb c
anker powerline usb c

Anker Powerline+ USB-C


Made with Kevlar fiber and double braided nylon, the Anker Powerline+ USB-C is the best cable for your USB-C Android smartphones. A strong and almost non-breakable cable that will ensure fast charging time for your smartphones.

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Customize Length
Wind up Powerline+ and bind it using the adjustable Velcro strap for easy transport and storage. It also allows convenient cable length adjustment to avoid trailing cables across the floor when charging.

Tangle Proof
The Anker Powerline+ cable is especially designed with double braided nylon to prevent knotting.

Kevlar Construction
A first for charging cables, the Anker Powerline+ is reinforced with bulletproof Kevlar fiber.

Superspeed Syncing
Transfer data to and from all your USB devices at speeds of up to 5 Gbps. That’s an HD movie or over 1000 songs every 5 seconds.

High-Speed Charging
Use any phone charger, portable charger or multi-port USB charger to charge your new MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel or other USB-C devices via this cable. Powerline+ provides the fastest charge any USB charger is capable of.

Unrivaled Durability
Powerline+ may be the last cable you’ll ever need. Proven to last at least 6 times as long as other cables, it boasts a bend tolerance 10 times higher. There’s simply no other cable with this level of durability.

End-to-End Strength
Exceptional tensile strength is provided by a Kevlar fiber core, double nylon-braiding and precision laser welding. Powerline+ is built to withstand any yanking, twisting, stretching, or dropping that it might possibly be subjected to.

Perfect Fit
To maximize case compatibility, Powerline+ USB-C connector is as compact as possible, without compromising its durability.

Anker Powerline+ USB-C
Anker Powerline+ USB-C specification

Technical Specifications

28.5 grams

35.4 x 0.4 x 0.2 inches

3 ft / 1 m

Compatible Devices
Apple MacBook (12-inch, 2015)

Google ChromeBook Pixel (2015)
Nokia N1 Tablet
LG G5 / G6 / V20
HTC 10 / Bolt
Huawei Honor 8 / Mate 9 / Honor 6X / Nexus 6P
Xiaomi Mi Mix
Samsung Galaxy s8 / A7 / A5 / A3
Google Pixel & Pixel XL
One Plus 3T

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