Batteriser is one of the world’s unique gadgets which covers your battery and extends their life by up to 8x instantly! It is an intelligent voltage manager; the basic function of the Batteriser is to use only the required amount of energy from the battery. This makes sure energy from the battery is not wasted and fully utilized in a power saving way. A significant number of batteries thrown away still have a lot of energy left in them – but gadgets don’t draw it out. Using proprietary circuitry to maintain an optimal output voltage, Batteriser allows the end device to access the untapped energy in the battery and makes it last longer. It comes in AA & AAA variations and has a micro-thin design to slip over your battery and fit neatly back into your device’s battery compartment.

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Save Money
It squeezes every drop of energy out of your battery which saves you money by reducing the number of batteries you have to purchase. This also gives you the peace of mind by not having to change your batteries frequently.


Maximize Performance
Have your device perform at its peak performance by tapping into all the energy that is available.

Batteriser works with all new & most old batteries. It has a micro thin, stainless steel sleeve that fits in almost every device.

Easy to use
Easy to use- slip the sleeve over any compatible battery and insert into device like you normally would

Safe to use and beneficial for the environment

No charging
No charging time needed. It taps instant energy

It can be used over and over on different batteries

Safe for Environment
Contains no harmful chemicals & is safe for airline travels

Batteriser specification

Technical Specifications

Miniaturized Integrated Circuit
Patented miniaturized Integrated Circuit to regulate voltage and tap into unused energy

Reusable Sleeve
Micro-thin reusable sleeve that is thin enough to fit in most battery compartments

Durable steel so the sleeve can be reused many times during its life

Rust Resistant
Stainless steel coating to resist rusting

4 Batteriser Boost sleeves per pack

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