All-around protection: High-quality silicone AirPods cover effectively, absorb on impact; protect your AirPods from accidental drops and scratches. It is easy to install and disassemble.

Ultra-lightweight: The silicone cover doesn't add much weight or bulk, just keep your AirPods new and clean.

Wireless charging: The protective case with wireless charging function enables you to charge your Air Pods wirelessly. The case is compatible with a majority of wireless chargers that support Qi protocols.

Additional wired charging option: You can also charge your AirPods with a lightning cable.

Safe and fast Charging: Charging is done without any stoppages or excessive heat. The built-in high-quality copper coin and fast transmission wire optimize the circuit pattern and prevents overheating during charging.

Perfect matching: The charging case is professionally designed and customized for Apple AirPods.



High quality silicone material 
Scratch and anti-impact 
hanger Special hanger 
Long service life