The convenient dual USB port that turns your couch or bed into a charging station.Presenting the USB Couchlet, the USB port that is exactly where you need it.

Folding Arm
Couchlet’s folding arms make it easy to wedge under a mattress , couch or into the cushion.It folds up nice and flat.

Two USB Ports
Have friends over,no problem.Consider yourself a multitasker. Now you can charge two devices at once.

Long USB Cable
Every couchlet comes with a very long usb charging cable,So it can keep you close even you are far from your charging station.

Wedge the Couchlet™ between couch cushions or next to the armrest. Use the folding elbow if you need extra stability, but most cushions hold the Couchlet™ nice and tight.

Slide the Couchlet™ under the mattress or between the mattress and box spring using the folding elbow. It can also be wedged under horizontally in the folded position.

Use your phone while charging
Each Couchlet™ comes with a detachable 6-foot USB cable that uses your current wall charger for power. The Couchlet™ is low voltage, so it’s just as safe as the charging cord that comes with your phone

Technical Specifications

Size / Width
6.25″ x 2″ x 0.75″

Long Cable
6 feet range long cable

Any Device(Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, etc.)
connectivity functions built-in

Long lasting Lithium Polymer battery with dual usb output ports. 

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