Ever wanted to know if the meat you are cooking is fresh? Or if the fish you forgot in the freezer is still edible? The FoodSniffer does the sniffing for you. It figures out how fresh meat, poultry and fish are in seconds! Whether it is fresh, spoiled, or just about to spoil: it’ll tell you (and hopefully save you from food poisoning). So pick up your phone – don’t dial Mom just yet – and check the FoodSniffer app! The FoodSniffer connects to your phone through an app which displays the meat gas levels, the rawness of the food, and displays the level of freshness. It is small, light, and can last up to 12 hours in one go. You can easily take it with you to store for meat shopping. Your eyes and nose can be tricked but no one can trick the FoodSniffer!

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Remote Monitoring
P2P connection let you see your loved ones via YoCam from everywhere in the world.

Click ‘Get’ on the FoodSniffer app to perform a bio-organic test that can ‘sniff’ & test if your meat is goof to eat.

Read the FoodSniffer test results on your iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet directly via Bluetooth.


Even if it looks good doesn’t mean it is good

Bacteria that causes foodborne illness can make you sick before food looks, smells or tastes bad. That means, you can’t always sense the spoilage by smelling the meat, poultry or fish with your nose or inspecting it with your eyes.

Your food might get spoiled in various cases

During Processing
The initial amount of bacteria on meat can increase during slaughter and processing. The greater the amount of bacteria, the faster your food will spoil.

In store
The freshness of meat, fish and poultry depends on the ways it’s been imported and stored. Meat packaged in its own juices will spoil faster.

In car
Expiration times get shorter if meat is exposed to temperatures above 35-45° F. So the meat left in a hot car can potentially spoil in as little as one hour.

At home
Meat defrosted outside the refrigerator or in the microwave gets spoiled in faster rate, as the moisture in the meat expands and tears the cell membranes, allowing for faster bacterial growth.
In general, meat tends to spoil 4 times faster if stored at the room temperature.

Dangers of spoiled meat
Over 200 diseases can be spread through the food we eat. In the US alone, there are over 200,000 cases of foodborne illness every day. Over 100 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted by decomposing beef, poultry, and fish.

FoodSniffer is built to last

Swiss technology: The sensor that gathers meat emitted gasses in order to examine its freshness is precisely designed by Swiss scientists.

Works up to 12 hours: FoodSniffer can be wirelessly connected and used to check raw meat for 12 hours straight.

Ever updating cloud based algorithm: You don’t need to worry about any manual updates. All scientific data that is needed for analyzation is stored in a cloud so the information used to test your meat is always up to date.

FoodSniffer technology
FoodSniffer specification

Technical Specifications 

20 x 9 x 6 cm

150 grams

Battery Life
12 hours on single charge

iOS & Android

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