hero gaming headphones
hero gaming headphones

Ghostek Hero Gaming Headphones


The Ghostek Hero Gaming headphones are a must buy for every gamer.  They feature a 3.5mm jack with ultra-resistant braided wire which is resistant to damages. The microphone has a 120-degree rotation, along with mute switch, and the volume control in built so that you can easily control the volume while you are in your intensive gaming session with ease. Play and conquer the gaming world with the Ghostek Hero Gaming headphones!

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Premium headphones for PC gaming
Whether you want to hear every single enemy footstep or co-ordinate attack plans with your party, the Hero Gaming Headset has you covered. High-quality audio and a sturdy, comfortable build combine to ensure you’ll never be caught in an ambush unprepared.

Integrated volume controller
Stay fully in control of what you’re hearing with the Hero headset’s sleek, stylish integrated volume controller. Stay focused and silent or ramp up the volume and hear every single bullet whizz past your ears.

Ultra-resistant braided cable
If things get too hectic, don’t worry. These Headset comes with a sturdy braided cable, so even the most stressful of firefights won’t trouble this headset.

Rotation 120°
A microphone rotation range 120° guarantees the microphone will never get in your way while you’re on the job.

Integrated Volume Controller
An integrated volume controller means you can always hear whispering enemy agents. Keep things loud when you need to listen in, and tone them down when the explosions start.

Braided Cable
Ultra-resistant braided cable that won’t break if it snags on the door mid-getaway. Accidents happen in the shadows. It pays to have tough gear.

Mute Switch
A mute switch hides your plans from eavesdropping enemies so you can always get the drop on them. The gear says silent so that you can stay deadly.

Hero Gaming Headphones
Hero Gaming Headphones specification

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions
10 x 5 x 5 inches

Item Weight
1 pounds

Shipping Weight
1.1 pounds

3.5MM Jack

120° Microphone Rotation

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