Hydra SmartBottle


You definitely won’t forget this water bottle at home! This party in a bottle weights just over 1 pound but packs a ton of fun inside its light casing. Both the top and bottom hold surprises! The SmartBottle houses a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker and a built-in FM radio receiver in its lid. It also packs a microphone in it so your bottle can be the center of the limelight as a music player and speakerphone. In the bottom sits a powerful 4000mAh power bank for all sorts of emergencies. The Hydra is decked out in LED lights so your bottle glows like a beacon of light in dark times and helps you stay visible. This SmartBottle is the ultimate adventure companion!

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Detachable, Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker
Connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled audio device and enjoy your favorite music through The HYDRA’s compact-yet-powerful 5W speaker. Flip it, extend the rubber legs, and set it on a surface for even better audio quality!

Power Bank!!
Charge Up Your Phone or other Electronic Devices. The HYDRA ensures you’ll never get caught with a dead smartphone battery again! The dedicated 4000mAh power bank ensures you’ll always have power whenever and wherever you need it.

SAFETY! The HYDRA keeps you safe
The translucent, frosted fluid chamber refracts The HYDRA’s BRIGHT, FLASHING RED light ensuring you’ll be seen by approaching vehicles when biking or walking.

For safety and convenience, the hydra features three powerful light choices: standard white for illuminating the dark, or flashing red to alert others to your presence, or rainbow, color cycling to set the mood for your party or bedroom.

Looking out for you while cycling
Wearing headphones isolates you from your environment – very dangerous when cycling! The hydra’s powerful built-in Bluetooth speaker pumps music into your vicinity, letting you retain an aural connection to the world around you!

Night-time companion
Use the hydra as a bedside bottle, reading light or color-changing nightlight and – after downloading our free mobile hydra app – a sleep timer that transmits a variety of soothing sounds to the hydra’s speaker to help you fall asleep anywhere.

The addition of a microphone has turned the bottle into a speakerphone! If your music is interrupted by a phone call, you can take the call, hands-free, and then get back to your tunes.

Includes a built-in Fm radio receiver.

Fluid storage
Stay hydrated with the hydra’s FDA approved BPA-free dishwasher-safe liquid container.

Lightweight design
The hydra weighs just over one pound and is easily transportable.

Hydra SmartBottle cycling
Hydra SmartBottle specification

Technical Specifications

1 pound

3.8 x 3.8 x 12.6 inches

Bottle capacity

5W Bluetooth


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