hypercharger hub 2
hypercharger hub 2

HyperCharger Hub


If you’re prone to either forgetting to charge your phone, or forgetting to take it off the charger, then you need the HyperCharger Hub in your life. And if you are looking for the fastest Phone and tablet charger, then again, the Hyper Charger hub is the charger that you need! It is better than the standard USB wall chargers that are available in the market. It does not only charge your smartphone but it keeps it safe from over charging as well. The HyperCharger hub is a must buy gadget for ultra-fast charging!

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HyperCharge Technology
Provides up to 3.5 Amps of industry leading power. The HUB’s constant HyperCharging technology allows you to charge your smartphone and tablet FASTER at the safest and most optimum levels.

Two HyperPorts
Gives user the flexibility to charge either Apple, or Android, or both of their phones or accessories simultaneously.

A multi-position power prong allows you to position the HUB at the best possible position. The power prongs also neatly tucks away when taking the HUB on-the-go.

Future Proofed
As new devices thirst for more power increases, they will require even greater power. The need for more power just increases with every generation. This is the reason we rated the HyperCharge HUB to 3.5Amp. We want the HUB to be your complete future proofed charging solution that delivers for your device’s today and for tomorrow!    

Constant HyperCharging Circuitry
Charges your smartphone and tablet faster at the safest and most optimum levels.

World Traveler
It’s compatible with all global voltages, from 100 Volts up to 250 Volts. You can just take it with you anytime, anywhere.

HyperCharger Hub
HyperCharger Hub specification

Technical Specifications 

5VDC, 3.5Amps, 18Watts

20mm x 56mm x 56mm

2.0oz (56.7g)

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