icampro deluxe
icampro deluxe

iCamPro Deluxe


Introducing the world’s leading 360 degree cordless robot camera, iCamPro Deluxe. This tiny policeman can hear, talk, identify faces, and even track people! It lives inside any empty bulb socket, and no one will know it is there. The iCam doesn’t need cables or DVR and can be installed anywhere. It’s stellar features include HD 1080P recording, 256-bit encryption, night vision, intruder alert with real time two-way audio, and remote access.  If you’re feeling fancy (or want to alert someone) you can also play music via the iCamPro.

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World’s first cordless robot that can talk, hear, detect faces, and track intruders 360° to guard your family and home.

Real-Time Push Picture Alerts
You will receive instant push picture alerts when either the motion or audio sensor is triggered.

Professional Day/Night Vision
Deluxe is able to perform all of its tasks both in broad daylight and in complete darkness.

iCamPro Deluxe

Video Timeline
Swipe your finger on the timeline to quickly retrieve recorded video files stored in the microSD cards.

Face Detection
Deluxe has the ability to detect faces and will keep you informed with special Face Alerts.

256-bit Encryption
Deluxe employs NASA level security encryption so you don’t have to be afraid that anyone will look into your home.

Activity/Blockout Zones
With the freedom to either protect or ignore certain areas you can customize your security.

Simplest installation
Deluxe comes with a light bulb socket, making it completely cordless and easy to be mounted on your ceiling.

Adjust video quality
Deluxe will automatically adjust the video quality based on your available bandwidth to ensure a smooth streaming experience.

Remote pan/tilt/zoom
Deluxe can be controlled from anywhere in the world to Pan, Tilt and Zoom so you can see what you want.

Real-time two-way audio
True two-way audio will allow you to talk to your loved ones at home from anywhere at any time.

iCamPro Deluxe installation
iCamPro Deluxe specification

Technical Specifications 

Model (iCamPro Deluxe)

Digital Zoom 4X

Multiple Wi-Fi Router
up to 4 Wi-Fi Routers

Frame Rate
1920 x 1080 up to 30 fps

Local Storage
up to 32gb Micro SDCard Support

OS Requirements for App
iOS: 7.0 & up / Android: 4.1 & up

Light Bulb Base

100mm x 100mm x 240mm,  450g

Ambient Operating Temp
0°C ~ 35°C

International – One Year Part Warranty

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