ikins pearl case
ikins pearl case

iKins Pearl Case


Made from real pearls, the iKins Pearl case is one of the most unique products available for the iPhone in the market. The iKins Pearl Case is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it gives an all-round protection to your iPhone as well. The blend of modern and artistic design will make your iPhone stand out in the crowd. These cases are made with precision and attention, as they are created using real pearls. The finishing of the product is of a high quality so that the users can enjoy the product without getting it scratched.

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iKins Pearl Case

Real Pearl
It is made from an eclectic set of high quality natural pearls. Featuring diverse colors and textures that can be vividly seen and felt. Each product is always unique due to the natural attributes of that piece.

iKins Pearl Case natural

Mondrian In Natural Shellfish
The charm of this case is that it is possible to always carry a high-sense art work close to you. The limitless color expression and design are a result of great craftsmanship, which delivers the beauty of oriental emotion.

iKins Pearl Case design

Slim, Light & Durable
Products are designed to be perfectly slim to provide sleek and modern look. The frame part is made of polycarbonate material which makes it durable and elastic without adding much size and weight to the phone.

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