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Lithiumcard Pro

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This incredibly small and stylish portable charger is seriously fast, offering 3A output. It can charge two devices at once. It’s like magic! The HyperFET circuitry inside it automatically decides how much current each device needs. It comes with built-in cables which can also serve as a syncing cable when plugged into a computer or laptop while charging itself and your phone simultaneously. Matchless – the PRO does it all!

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This incredibly small & stylish portable charger looks gorgeous, with angular black plastic, framing a metal panel in gold, silver, or titanium.

Charge Ahead
HyperFET Gen2 circuitry is seriously fast, offering 3A output. Plus, it can charge two devices at once, automatically detecting each device’s need.

Built-in Cables
The PRO has all the cables you’ll ever need. A full-sized USB can be pulled out one side to charge up the Lithiucard Pro & on the other side you’ll find a pull-out microUSB or Lightning cable, depending on what you chose.

Lithiumcard Pro drive technology

The PRO’s exclusive HyperPort feature enables you to charge another USB-equipped device. Just plug your own USB charging cable into the Pro’s additional USB type-A port to share HyperCharging with your friends. Also compatible with the new Apple Watch!

LinearFlux HyperFET Drive Technology
Delivers up to 15 Watts of power. Charges faster than a wall charger!

Turned Up To “11”
Nothing in its class, or size, can deliver up to 3 Amps of power. The PRO has been future proofed to meet the ever increasing power demand of smartphones today and tomorrow.As future generations of smartphones require more power, the PRO is more than ready to handle higher power demands with ease.

LinearFlux Shield™ Technology
Triple stage protection circuitry safeguards your connected devices.

Light Indicator
A thin strip beneath the central logo comes to life as a white light when the power is turned on. It flashes when charging is in progress, turns blue when it drops below 90 percent, and then red below 10 percent.

It’s only 89 x 58 x 14 mm in size, which makes it seriously portable.At 14mm thick you’ll barely know it’s in your pocket. And the NanoStik pad lets the PRO ride piggyback on your phone while charging.

In Sync
Backing up your smartphone’s data to your laptop has never been easier. There’s no need to carry another cable for syncing your data to your computer ever again.

LinearFlux Power Bypass™
If both your phone and the LithiumCard Pro are out of charge, it has a unique bypass charging system, which allows you to simultaneously charge a smartphone and the Lithiumcard Pro all at once, saving you time.

Lithiumcard Pro light indicator
Lithiumcard Pro specification

Technical Specifications


89mm x 58mm x 14mm

Battery Capacity

Android / Micro-USB devices

2 ports (3A)

Time to fully charge itself
2 to 3 hours

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