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The Luxor 2 is a unique and all in one flashlight. The Luxor 2 features an accelerometer which detects the orientation of the flashlight, and provides the perfect lighting for that particular orientation. A smarter, better flashlight! Luxor 2 Is the worlds first ever flashlight which features a digital focus. Never struggle with a puncture in the dark again! It can adjust the width of the beam from 12-270 without the user having to move any parts of the flashlight. It has 850 lumens which makes the flashlight bright
enough to be taken along.

The Luxor 2 features a 5000mAh battery bank inside so that you can charge your phone and use the flashlight at the same time. So what are you waiting for: get your hands on this amazing flashlight! This is a must-have in every car, office, house, and camping gear box!


Digital OLED display.

Never suffer from battery anxiety again. Luxor’s organic LED screen provides you with all remaining charge and battery health.

Designed to perform. Built to last.

Rated IPX7 waterproof, Luxor has been rigorously tested for confidence in any environment.


Auto Focus automatically detects where Luxor is pointed and delivers the perfect light for that situation. Pointing Luxor at the ground for the flood, in front of you for a flood beam, further away for greater throw, and straight up for an instant lantern.

Virtual Focus allows to precisely adjust the width of your beam from 12º to 270º and everything in between simply by turning your wrist or using the left and right buttons.

Strobe delivers a high intensity flashing beam to attract attention or for self defense in an emergency situation. (Its also a great lighting effect at parties.)

Beam Flood delivers a powerful traditional forward facing beam.

Beam Flood Lantern utilizes all 7 of Luxor’s LED’s for maximum illumination.

Just point

Luxor’s built in accelerator detects its orientation and delivers the perfect lighting for that situation.
World’s first ever digital focus

Dynamically adjust the width of your beam from 12º to 270º without any moving parts.

850 Lumens at your fingertips 
7 strategically placed CREE LEDs pack the power of a traditional 60 Watt bulb.

Portable power bank
5000mAh battery with reverse charge allows to charge your smart devices on the go.

Digital OLED display
Never suffer battery anxiety again. Monitor light output, battery life, battery health, and more on Luxor’s digital OLED screen.

Technical Specifications

Light Output: 0-850 Lumens (Linearly Proportional Dimmable 0-100%)
Light Source: 1 LED Cree XTE, 6 LED Cree MLC
Light Temperature: 5500K (Cool White)
Light Angle Focus: 12-270 Degrees
Battery Life: 67 Hours @ 50 Lumens, 15 Hours @ 100 Lumens, 8.3 Hours @ 200 Lumens, 2.8 Hours @ 400 Lumens, 1.5 Hours @ 710 Lumens
Battery: 5000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Battery Recharge and Reverse Charge Interface: 5V Micro USB
Construction: Aluminum (Head/Body), High Impact PolyCarb (Lens)
Wet Location: Water Proof IPX7
Physical Dimensions: 8″ Long, 2 3/8″ Lens Diameter, 1 1/2″ Body Diameter (20.3 cm Long, 6.0 cm Lens Diameter, 3.8 cm Body Diameter)
Human Interface: Single Hand Operated 4 Button Soft Touch Digital (3 Thumb, 1 Index Finger), Accelerometer with X, Y, Z and rotation detection
Drop Test: 1 Meter
Operating Temperature: -40 – 85 Degrees Celsius
Power Consumption: 8.88 Watts @ 850 Lumens
Display: High Contrast OLED 128 x 32 Pixels
LED Controller: Microprocessor Controlled High Efficiency Solid State PWM
Intellectual Properties: PLX Proprietary LED Digital Focus and Intelligent Battery Monitoring and Metering
Fail Safe: Temperature Monitoring, Overcharge Protection, Short Circuit and Current Overdraw Protection, Automatic Consistent Brightness, Ultra Low Current Standby
Meters: Light Output, Mode, Voltage, Current (in/out), Power, Actual Capacity, Charge Status, Temperature, Age, Time to Empty, Time to Charge, Health
Modes: Digital Focus, Virtual Focus, Beam + Flood Combination, Beam + Flood + Lantern Combination, Strobe

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