manwood cases submarine
manwood cases submarine

Man&Wood Cases (Sub Marine)


Made from real wood, Man&Wood cases are the complete blend of traditional and modern designs. The new InMok technology enables them to create eco-friendly cases. The premium cases made from natural wood makes the user connect with nature even in their busy daily lives. The company’s main focus is to refine the details of natural wood on their cases, making the cases look beautiful and strong as well. The submarine color is pleasing to the eyes as well, and makes the iPhone look amazing!

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Genuine & Luxury Wood
It is made from an eclectic set of high quality natural wood materials from all around the World. Featuring diverse colors, patterns and textures that can be vividly seen and felt. Each product is always unique due to the natural wood grains.

Reduces Electromagnetic Waves
These cases reduce electromagnetic waves as well as heat releasing characteristics through the technical blending of materials that are beneficial to the users and their products.

Slim, Light & Durable
Products are designed to be perfectly slim to provide sleek and modern look. The frame part is made of polycarbonate material which makes it durable and elastic without adding much size and weight to the phone.

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