Future of Dual SIM technology

Now you can have two number active at the same time. Simply put your other number into PIECE and using Bluetooth connect to your phone. Both numbers can now be used on your one and only iPhone.

Automatic Alerts

Not just a SIM card adapter, PIECE is also a security alert for your wallet. If you and PIECE are separated by more than 10m, both your phone and PIECE will ring to prevent it from being lost or stolen

Works with your iPad & iPod

With PIECE, you can even turn your non-cellular smart device into your cell phone. Now your iPad or even iPod can be used as a smartphone!

Super Slim

It designed to be super slim, and easily fit in your wallet.

Long Lasting Battery

PIECE can provide up to 150 hours stand by time & 4 hours of talk time. So you only have to charge PIECE once a while.

Selfie Control

You can use the button on PIECE to control your connected cellphone camera.

2-Way Radar

Can’t find your wallet in your room or in a car? No worries. By using the PIECE app you can make PIECE ring. Likewise, by using the function key on the edge of PIECE, you can make your phone ring so it will always be easier to find.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth 4.0


GSM850MHz / EGSM900Mhz / DCS1800MHz / PCS1900MHzs

iOS 7.0 & above

Built-in Battery
Rechargable Lithium-ion 550mAh

Standby Time
150 hours

Talk Time
4 hours

Dimensions/Weight83mm x 55mm x 4mm, 26g

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