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The PowerMe can become your laptop on the go when you quickly need to transfer files and are running low on battery too! Charge your phones or your tablets using other phones and tablets with this amazing PowerMe cable. It turns your or the other phone or tablet into a power bank, and charges one phone from the other. Hi-tech solutions simplified! It not only charges the phone but can be used to transfer files between two phones. The PowerMe cable is an essential gadget for everyone.

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Turn any device into a power source
Throw away your Power-bank! It’s heavy, bulky and needs to be charged.Bring with you devices you really need, and transfer their battery juice if you need to.

Sync on the go
Transfer any file directly, from phone to phone. Share with your friends last night’s photos without reaching your computer or waste your precious data plan!

Old never die
Sometimes you’re just sitting at your desk, working at your laptop, and you have an USB plug available. PowerMe comes with an adapter that allows you to plug it into your computer or wall charger, and charge your Micro-USB or Lightning device like you’re used to.

PowerMe portable

Compatible with Micro-USB and Lightening connectors.

Snap it into your key ring to bring it always with you.

No more low batteries, charge your devices on the go.

Charge your friend’s phone or take its power for you.

Use it be awesome.

Technical Specifications

Android Devices
Share battery power between devices
Charge your smartphone from another device
Share photos, music and files
Charge and sync with any USB port

Apple device
Get battery power from any supported device
Share photos and videos
Full file sharing if jailbroken
Charge and sync with any USB port

Any Micro-USB device
Charge your camera, headset or any microUSB device
Download photos to your smartphone or tablet
Manage files on external storage

PowerMe specification

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