Ghostek NRG Bag 2 (16000mAh)

Ghostek presents you the best tech bag in the market! Newer addition of the Ghostek NRG Bag equipped will all the latest technologies. It comes with a built in Power bank with a capacity of 16000mAh battery that will keep your cellphone or tablet or any other electronic device charged while you are on the go.The Ghostek NRG bag is also light weight and waterproof, you can carry it easily and everywhere you go! There are separate compartments for all your gadgets, whether you are carrying an eBook reader or your laptop they’ll be safe and sound in their own compartments. To charge the power bank inside the laptop you just have to connect the adapter wire in the external water-resistant AC charging port, the LED Lights in the front of Ghostek NRG Bag will show you the power level on the battery. The Ghostek NRG Bag Ghostek presents you the best can be the best bag or companion for your journeys!


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